Muir Equity helps owners achieve extraordinary earnings from the sale of their business

Owners of lower-middle market companies can earn more by selling 40-80% of their business now and the rest in 3-7 years after we work together to ramp up EBITDA and valuation.

Our most important differentiator: Putting your needs and satisfaction first

History has proven that our greatest success in closing new transactions and achieving superior returns happens when we work as a trusted partner, confidant, advisor and value-adding consultant to business owners and their management teams.

That’s why we put your needs and satisfaction first when we work to optimize your return on the sale of your business.

Extraordinary Outcomes for owners and companies we’ve worked with include

Cash payouts to owners of 3.5 times their initial stock value.

765% increase in valuation.

250% valuation increase in less than 4 years.

14.9 times investor ROI in less than 6.5 years.

23 times increase in value.

Our Investment Criteria

  • A stable, lower middle-market business
  • $2 - $10 million EBITDA
  • Historically strong earnings (e.g. EBITDA > 10%)
  • $500M+ target markets
  • Sustainable, recurring and growing revenue
  • Long-term loyal customers

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We bring proven growth strategies to take your company to new heights

We seek opportunities where our strategic growth, marketing, operational and financial expertise will make a significant difference.

We actively monitor, analyze and help improve the most strategically vital parts of the businesses we acquire.

And we work hard to make sure that all stockholders, especially founders, enjoy the benefits of these efforts fully and fairly.


Our methodology

We align ourselves with business owners to help achieve growth objectives

Step 1

Sell 40-80% of your stock to benefit from the wealth you created

Step 2

Grow the company better, faster and with less personal risk

Step 3

Sell the rest of your stock in 3-7 years at a higher valuation

As former CEOs and business owners, we know how to help you navigate selling your business

As your partner, we guide you through what may be an unfamiliar process of selling part of your business and taking the company to the next level of success.

Then we help you achieve greater value from the stock you retain by improving strategic focus, implementing operational efficiencies, increasing market share, expanding into new markets, and improving profitability.

It’s critical to find partners you can trust. We respect you, your instincts and the successful business you’ve built.


We partner with you in all aspects of growth

We work with you to improve performance, expand and rapidly increase valuation

Value creation and optimization go hand in hand with performance improvement. It’s not just about doing things better; it’s about doing the right things.

Companies that thrive prioritize performance improvement, value creation, revenue boosting, scaling business operations, productivity enhancement, market analysis, and digital evolution.

We’ll help you get higher value for your stock and more satisfying levels of career achievement

As your partner, we guide you through what may be an unfamiliar process of selling part of your business and taking the company to the next level of success.

While you may have other options for growth capital and owner liquidity (e.g. venture capital, private equity, business loans, business brokers, etc.), you rarely receive focused attention on optimizing your financial outcomes and satisfaction.


“Paul sourced, acquired and capitalized a challenged ozone equipment company transforming it into Purfresh, a venture-backed and professionally managed top 50 cleantech company.”

Jeff Barnes, General Partner



“Outfront are creative, insightful, and informed marketing experts. They act as true business partners to deliver high value to businesses seeking increased visibility and growth for greater valuation.”

Janis Nakano Spivack, Chief Experience Officer



“I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Novazone. His work ethic, intelligence, integrity, leadership, problem solving ability and creative thinking are truly unique and make him a tremendous CEO.”

Pat Whalen, Senior Tech Executive