We don’t just fund companies, we build them and help them fly

Muir Equity seeks majority-control investments with significant growth potential

We contribute our proven capabilities in operational excellence and go-to-market success to accelerate growth based on data-driven analysis and experience.

We help companies identify high value strategic opportunities, sharpen strategic focus on high potential markets and products, make strategically important operational changes, increase the ROI from sales and marketing, drive successful acquisition and financing efforts and recruit key personnel.

In many cases we create new value from existing assets.

We accelerate growth in company value by

Employing analytical, strategic and management skills developed from decades of operating, consulting to and investing in middle market and larger businesses.

Applying lessons learned from experiences in driving record sales growth, critical cost reductions and high value course corrections across multiple businesses.

Leveraging the use of technology and strategy for competitive differentiation and advantage.

We will invest personally and professionally in building your company

Why Choose Equity Funding?

Equity funding refers to raising capital or achieving owner liquidity through the sale of shares.

You’ve owned your business for quite some time. It’s a great achievement, and it may be your most valuable asset.

You see opportunities to grow faster and further, but you prefer not to risk funding growth from your cash flow and personal finances.

You want to take some money out now for your family and future, perhaps you want to diversify, but you still seek greater business and financial achievement.

We can help you create an even bigger business success story.

How we achieve extraordinary business growth:

Select the best possible capital partners

Ensure a fair transaction process

Determine the best strategic opportunities to pursue

Apply decades of product definition/enhancement, sales and marketing expertise

Systematize and scale operations

Measure and improve business operations

We’ve created value across a broad range of industries including business services, software, technology, telecom, edtech, clean tech, healthcare, and more.

We’re industry agnostic.

Your business may be a candidate if you own a stable, lower middle-market business with $2-10 million or more in EBITDA and have:

Significant opportunity for growth

Competitive advantage

$500M+ target markets

Long-term loyal customers

Historically strong earnings (e.g. EBITDA > 10%)

Founders and management teams with “fire in the belly” to grow.

Sustainable, recurring or highly repetitive and growing revenue

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, market expansion is a top priority for organizations aiming to stay competitive and thrive

Integrating marketing excellence, operational enhancement, process improvement, innovation strategies, competitive strategies, and asset protection is essential for business growth.

Demand generation strategies create interest and desire for your products or services, while lead generation collects information from potential customers for future marketing efforts.

Strategic opportunities for increasing the valuation of your business require deep analysis of markets, product-market fit, lifetime customer values, cost of customer acquisition, acquisition possibilities, and strategically aligned plans to pursue these opportunities. 

By leveraging these elements, companies attract and retain new customers, optimize marketing efficiency, foster innovation, seize market opportunities, and safeguard their assets.

We’ve been in the business trenches

We’ve gone through the sleepless nights, the long days, the stress. Short on cash. Limited in resources. We’ve learned to focus our capabilities on the best opportunities, the highest value, and the strategic plan that takes us from a low point to the point of extraordinary success.

Griffin Gaming Partners Logo

“Outfront Solutions are the experts we turn to for strategic marketing advice and communications. Outfront also works with some of our portfolio companies to impact their growth and valuation.”

Phil Sanderson, Managing Director and Co-founder

Griffin Gaming Partners

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“Paul sourced, acquired and capitalized a challenged ozone equipment company transforming it into Purfresh, a venture-backed and professionally managed top 50 cleantech company.”

Jeff Barnes, General Partner


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“I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Novazone. His work ethic, intelligence, integrity, leadership, problem solving ability and creative thinking are truly unique and make him a tremendous CEO.”

Pat Whalen, Senior Tech Executive